Specialist systemic research & analysis - based on tailored qualitative and participative methods to provide fresh insight into the international governance of food and health.

“Contact me when you are looking for a fresh insight into complex international governance issues involving multi-stakeholder groups across sectors and disciplines, running out of time and ideas, and need someone to digest the messy disparate bits and help you deal with them using solid data.”

Rachel Dechenne-Wickert

Licence en Droit (Law) - Université de Liège/University of Glasgow, 2000.

MA (International Relations) - Université de Liège, 2002. 

International Marketing - Belgian Department of Trade, 2003. 

MSc (Food Policy) - City University London, 2006. 

Bilingual – French & English.

Clients – from Public, Private & Non-Profit Sectors 

Include UK Department for International Development (DFID), Goldman Sachs, Capital Group Companies, & Oxfam GB

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International food policies, sustainable food systems, Human Rights, ethics in genomic research (agri-food & health), contracts, project mgt, decision-making process mapping, lobbying, qualitative research methods, and international standards of corporate governance & of corporate social responsibility. 

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